Saturday, August 9, 2008


The idea was a tragic extract from Ovid's well known mythology, Pygmalion and Galatea with an unexpected ending.

In Ovid's Pygmalion story, the sculptor is a married man. His wife, Cynisca, at first encourages his interest in his statue, Galatea. Cynisca is often away, and she doesn't want her husband to be bored. When the statue comes to life, however, matters become complex. Galatea is born so innocent that she appears wayward and disrupts the lives she touches during her less-than-twenty-four hours in the flesh. Under the fire of Cynisca's jealousy, Galatea decides that her original state was happier, and turns back into a statue.

But in this animation the statue when she came alive she was somehow knows and understand some of the things around her and how she was made. And decided to kill the man who made her. this ending was tragic and somehow different from the original story. And this what made the animation good to watch,well,for me,coz its tragic! :)

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